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I, Banquo

PLEASE NOTE: This is an old site, which remains for information and archive reasons. While there is much here to look at, It has not been updated since 2011. Please visit Tim Crouch's main website for current info.

a dead man speaks (not for the faint-hearted)

written and performed by Tim Crouch
by Graeme Gilmour
a Brighton Festival Commission

For everyone
aged 11+.
Suitable for
Year 7 and above

“And coming back from battle, we’re met by three figures, like sisters... On the heath, with the weather closing in.... And what these sisters suggest to us... It sticks in our minds, like the blood to our swords.”

A blood-shot, story-telling journey into the heart of Shakespeare's Macbeth, told through the eyes of his murdered best friend. i, banquo is classic theatre and modern story-telling combined, accompanied by a heavy-metal-guitar-playing 13 year old Fleance, a severed head and 32 litres of blood.