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I, Caliban

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I, Caliban image

A one-monster interpretation of The Tempest

Written and performed by Tim Crouch
by Graeme Gilmour
a Brighton Festival Commission

For everyone
aged 9+.
Suitable for
Year 5 and above.

"O. Look at you.

"O, you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful. I’ve never seen such beauty. You are such fine things. You’re brave spirits indeed. Sit where you can. Brave spirits or gods. Are you gods? Are you a god? No? You must be a god with a jumper like that."

Events on Prospero's island as viewed by Caliban, a puppy-headed monster alone on the island at the end of The Tempest, alone with his memories, his magic tricks and one last bottle of wine. I, Caliban is a sweet and sorry tale about injustice, inebriation and missing your mum.